A Life Inclusive Landscape.

Catskill, NY

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SpringRise | Map Overview
SpringRise is our garden and nursery, located in The Village of Catskill, New York, the gateway to the Great Northern Catskill Mountains.

SpringRise sits between the Hudson River and the Catskill Creek, and is named for the onsite Spring that gives us the gift of water.

We grow a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, with a focus on ecology and the support of our community. We hope to share the wonder of the natural world with all.
SpringRise | Map Key
A visual overview of the spaces that make up the SpringRise ecosystem.

Each one plays an important role in the overall function of the garden and the life it supports.

We try and do a lot with this land … every year, a little bit more.
2. Flowers + Vegetables
3. Nursery
4. Forests Gardens + Habitats
5. Apiary
6. Compost
7. Studio
There are moments at SpringRise, when looking through a family of flowers in bloom, watching the insects hover, listening to the birdsong and feeling the wind moving with the trees, that you see through a window of possibility.

We will always build beauty, in service to Creation and all that supports it.